Tips for Avoiding Work At Home Scams

If you have ever done a search on Report Scam and get your money back I’m sure you ran into some of these work at home scams and didn’t know it. Most of the people that are looking for work at home web pages couldn’t even spot a work at home scam. This is most like due to the fact that they really want to work from home and the claims of some scams make them think it’s real. There are many ways to spot these scams. I’m going to be giving you tips on how to spot work at home scams.

Tip one- Most of the scams ask for a self addressed envelope and a $1. This right here is nice scam. I’ll tell you why. They end up sending some stuff envelopes type letter claiming to pay you $500 a week for stuffing the envelopes. You won’t get paid $500 to stuff envelopes.

Tip two- They tell you that it’s really easy work to make X amount of dollars a week. This right here is wrong. Its hard work to own your own business, or working from home. Think about how easy it would be if you worked at a 9 to 5 job.

Would that job be really easy to make money from? No, you will have to work for it. It’s the same way with online jobs and businesses. Now this is all depending on what your business is. Internet Marketing is hard to start but easy to make money from once you get the ball rolling. Keep that in mind if you want to own an Internet Market business.

Tip three- If they don’t want to give the information about company, that’s a red flag right there. I wouldn’t even mess with them if they say, it’s a new business and we don’t have a name or anything like that. Avoid them. A real work at home job will give you all the information and more. After you get the information, go and do some research on the company. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if they had any complaints.

Tip four- Avoid the “we will pay you in advance for your services” scam. Here’s how this scam works. The scammer will send you the advance pay in a check. It will clear you bank in about five business days, after about seven business days, the scammer will contact you and claim they over paid you.

Now they tell you to return a portion of the check back to them. After that, you bank will send you a notice about the check you deposited bounced and guess what, you’re out of money because you have to pay the bank the bounce check fee and you paid that scammer a portion of that so-called pay check back. This is a real scam. This scam happens all the time.

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