SEO Myth – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Complicated

I am always interested in the reasons people give for certain thoughts and I have heard many regarding how complicated search engine optimization (by link) can be – especially for non-seo professionals. But I must say that I have not found this opinion to be true regarding search engine optimization.

I know many people who have achieved great search engine rankings using SEO, including myself, and most have stated that using search engine optimization on their websites was not complicated. At times some stated that depending on what they were doing it took time to complete the SEO work; but seo being complicated – no.

I tend to feel that if individuals have an average amount of computer knowledge and skills and they have good SEO information that they can use to guide them through the SEO work process, they will not have any problems concerning search engine optimization.

Basically, it is not search engine optimization that makes SEO work difficult; it is the lack of access to good information concerning SEO that can make search engine optimization (SEO) appear to be much more difficult than it actually is in all honesty.

Now can anyone do SEO? – the answer is no; however, the people who would have trouble doing SEO work are the same people who would have trouble completing a large variety of computer related tasks.

Generally, if an individual can operate a computer well enough to follow instructions to install software, they usually can complete seo work successfully provided they have good instructions and information.

Search engine optimization work is not as simple and/or as quick as adding a few meta tags; but search engine optimization is not nearly as hard and time consuming as you might have been lead to believe from prior discussions and/or from information you have read concerning SEO.

I feel the main reason that some people portray search engine optimization (SEO) as being complicated concerns the amount of money that is generated directly and indirectly from the utilization of search engine optimization (SEO).

Great organic(free) search engine results literally help generate billions of dollars each year for website owners and search engine optimization is a beneficial technique in helping to achieve those organic(free) search engine rankings.

It is no wonder with billions of internet sales and advertising dollars available on a yearly bases that search engine optimization (SEO) which can provide an individual or company a competitive edge in the ultra high pace internet world will attract a variety of opinions, ideas, supporters and detractors.

Moreover, through a combination of perception and reality that highlights search engine optimization as a key to increasing internet sales, search engine optimization is a very popular topic for decision makers within many companies and frankly if these individuals along with the general internet community can be convenience that search engine optimization is complicated then many of these people will decide to outsource SEO related services, hire search engine optimization employees and/or contract consultants to complete their search engine optimization work. Thus, money is a key player in how search engine optimization is portrayed in the media, inside the seo industry and at large within the general internet community.

Many people are almost afraid and/or in awe of SEO because much of the information concerning search engine optimization (SEO) is not shared with the general public, which has created a cloud of mystery around the entire industry. Therefore, the average person does not understand search engine optimization and/or its benefits because of this situation.

However, the lack of good information should be expected considering the current competitive nature of business on the internet and the amount of money that can be earned from achieving good search engine rankings for a website.

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