Power Supply Tester Review

What is orange has a snake tail which it can lose or replace IceRiver KS3L at will and respond to CM code name 700? Simple, it’s a modular power supply tester and is today on bench tests.brr… Source… you delight or dislike (depending on individual tastes), and the bright orange color will surely attract your eye.

Once when I was approached to do a review by different magazines I simply answered yes and waited quietly for the arrival of the sample test site of the power supply tester. And because the product was a modular power supply tester of a new generation the waiting seemed like forever… that is until a cold morning the courier arrived with the package in his arms… from here until the present moment, time stopped leaving room for voltages.

The new power supply tester’s source is in a box of the size and shape like those used for this range of products. The cap is based on the contrast colors of logo of the manufacturer coming out and the name and power (model) can easily by found. On the opposite side we have the main features presented in international languages and also the single image that shows the power cord into a lesser or greater extent.

The sides have again the main features in a little more graphical representation using the logo, a list of connectors provide a very meaningful representation through images and table values for nominal supply rail sites. If anyone wants to know more information about the power supply tester, just turn the container on all sides.

On opening the box you do not encounter more than two “ears” that when are opened provide the cardboard a beautiful sight. The source is packaged in a plastic bag with the logo printed in white. The package includes the near source, power cord, a small manual and a bag with four screws and a Cougar emblem. The cables are wrapped in netting with a scheme / palette of colors that I personally think it looks like a bunch of dangerous snakes…

Cable length is normal, but personally I prefer a slightly larger length especially for 24-pin main power, distance and layout in large enclosures with power source located below a cable management is often poorly or not done at full potential. Nothing to reproach but their quality, all clearly marked… so that for any novice.

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