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I have been dealing with home designers and top Miami architects for quite some time and when it comes to protecting their business, there’s some things that these people will never say. Personal liability has become a big problem in the home building business, and architects are not immune to large lawsuits.

Don’t forget, that these people are considered to be professionals and have usually spent quite a few years educating themselves. Where a contractor on the other hand, might have got his education through hands on experience and might not have enough know-how, to protect themselves from architects, engineers and even your local building and planning departments.

Most homeowners, had even less experience, dealing with architects and professionals, than most contractors do. Some of these lessons are hard to learn and could be costly so I would like you to pay attention, because what I’m about to say, could save you thousands of dollars.

Get everything in writing. You can stop reading the article right here, this is the best advice that I could get anyone, dealing with any professionals in the home building business, especially a licensed architect. Most architects will require homeowners and contractors to give them everything in writing, to protect themselves from liability issues later on.

But you will find that most architects, will try to avoid giving you some things in writing. This also protects the architect later on down the road. It’s knowing the difference, that makes the difference. If you don’t know the difference, you’re going to be safe, if you get every single thing, every single change, every thing that you discuss over the phone and the architect approves or disapproves in writing.

I cannot stress how important this is. I just wish that most homeowners and contractors could read this article, before actually dealing with professionals in the home building business. It cost my father a lot of money and I will never forget it. This information doesn’t cost you a thing, unless you don’t apply it in the future.

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